Thursday, March 17, 2011

where have i been lately?

Let me share a little story, just to give a touch of insight...

In the hustle and bustle of our outrageously busy life now that softball and baseball season have begun, I have 2 goals: 1 - to be organized, using my handy-dandy purse-sized calendar, and 2 - to make sure that every supper does NOT include gatorade, nachos and sour straws from one of any number of concession stands.

In keeping with these goals, I've been planning my meals (thanks to e-mealz) and using the crock-pot. Yesterday, Claire had a Quiz Bowl meet (more on that later) after school and Nolan was at baseball practice with Kelly. Earlier that morning, I had half-defrosted 3 pounds of southern-style pork ribs and put them in our crock-pot. I put them on low, knowing they'd cook slowly all day to perfection. I was happy knowing that the boys would come home, pour in some bbq sauce and 30 minutes later would be enjoying a hearty 'man meal' before Nolan's baseball scrimmage.

Sadly, i got a call from Kelly at about 5:30, stating that the crock-pot was on, but it wasn't... plugged in. Ah! Mom/wife FAIL! I apologized (Kelly was really looking forward to those ribs - he had a rough day) and told him to go ahead and plug it in. It would cook all evening and at least we could eat them the next day.

A few hours later, we all made it home and the ribs were nearly done. I decided to add the sauce early and crank it up to high for just a bit, to make sure they were done before we went to bed. Done and done! I had salvaged the ribs and dinner would be covered for the next day. Yes!

This morning, as my mind was drifting back and forth between blissful dreamland and harsh reality, I heard Kelly say... "Well. I'm pretty sure the ribs are done." I was confused. Was something wrong with his ribs? Had be been hit by a ball again? Wait. Ribs. Dinner. Crock pot. Then he said, "I got up at 4am and turned off the crock pot."

Oops. Double FAIL.

My ceramic crock pot is STILL soaking in the sink and we've lit candles for days. That's where I'm at these days. Exhausted, but still smiling. How about you?

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