Sunday, January 23, 2011

a whole lotta nuthin

Yes, it's winter, so I get that it is colder than say... summer. But 28 degrees? It's been that cold for far too long! From what I understand, our Midwestern friends are experiencing temperatures that are similar to ours, but with a minus sign in front of the numbers! I've been enjoying the frigid temps by snuggling under my new cream chenille throw, with a cuppa something warm with my loves surrounding me... so what am I complaining about?!

In other (non-weather) news, we are approaching one of my favorite months (yes, I have more than one - weird, I know). February! My friend Feb is short, which is always nice on the budget. It includes Valentine's Day, which we don't go all out for, but is such a sweet day. We're attending a Mardi Gras Ball for the first time in February - I'll see my man in a tux, a definite plus!  And knowing that March is around the bend, well, that's just the icing on the cake!

I don't have much to share (obviously- the weather and my fav month?!)... which means that life is good. I'm sticking to my dinner-making plan, which improves everyone's life immensely. I'm plugging away at my scripture memorization (it's only been 2 - but that's the goal each month!). And I'm staying somewhat 'chillllll'. Somewhat. I'm really trying.

I'm looking forward to a morning of worship and an afternoon of... nothing. Hmm. Maybe January should be one of my favs.

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