Thursday, June 03, 2010

what the june?

Really, I turn my back for one teensy-tiny second and BAM! it's June. May roared by with more activity than the good Lord intended, but we made it and had some fun along the way.

Lots of softball & baseball games were played (I know, you get really tired of hearing the "s" and "b" word but I can't help it.) Nolan's team finished the season in 2nd place and celebrated with pizza & ice cream. Claire still has one more game to play, and while her team *may* not be ranked quite as high, she had a great first year of pitching and is excited to play travel ball at the next level.

A famous 6-year old turned seven on May 23rd and we had 10 boys over to swim . The highlight was the splash contest orchestrated by Kelly, complete with a losers bracket. I'm telling you, when he coaches, he goes all the way.

School is over and summer is in full force with temps in the upper 90s. This is what we saw at Claire's last travel ball tourney:

We expect to see at least that this weekend as we head to another 2-day tournament. I'm happy to say that I've avoided a sunburn thus far. This is big, people. Huge. I hover in the shade and slather on the SPF. I'm trying to extend my years since the sunburns of years past haven't helped me any. Who wants to be old and wrinkly anyway?

This week & next finds me finishing up the year at the school, then it's truly summertime! My plans include: laying by the pool, painting various surfaces inside & outside the house, and laying by the pool a bit more. Ah, June... I welcome you with open arms! Bienvenue!

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