Wednesday, June 23, 2010


For the past several months, I've been concerned with working on our house, our yard, our pool. I think about improving Claire's pitching and Nolan's swing. Even as I'm on summer vacation, I've spent time in my office making improvements as we prepare for new paint & furniture, sprucing it up with new decor. In all my concern for the things around me, I've forgotten about someone else who needs a lot of work, but has kind of been neglected.


As far as the outside goes, let's just say that it's an on-going project. One that has taken near-permanent residence on the back burner (waaay back - you know, the little one that you never use, because it never gets quite hot enough? Yeah, that one.) Well, I'm scooting it up front a bit.

Starting tomorrow morning (at 6am, I might add - I am on summer vacation, remember?), I will begin walk/running. It's an interval thing. Anyhoo, a friend asked me to start and I was thrilled to accept. I could say that I'm doing this to lose weight or be healthy, both of which are good things. But... can I tell you a secret? I'm doing it to be selfish. That's right. I want pure, unadulterated grown-up time. Outside. When it's not 100 degrees. With a friend who makes me laugh. And I may just improve the outside of me, just a bit.

To cover the inside (and I mean the deeeep inside - you know, soul, inside) I am hosting a study group with a group of gals beginning next week. I cannot tell you, dearest, just how badly I need this. I'm feeling all dried up, full of malcontent and complacency, with the full realization of just why I feel that way. I am not spending time with my God. And - Oh, how I miss Him. The only comfort in this thought is knowing that He misses me a million times more.

Will I improve? Only time (and my husband!) will tell. But in the midst of the busy-ness of this life, don't forget to take care of you. xo

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