Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Pep Talk for Ang

The past 2 days, all of my thoughts have been in blog format. I spend my days, blogging in my brain. "Oh, this would be a great post"... etc. But then I get in front my 'puter and it all goes away.

I realize my posts have not been witty or funny or all that interesting lately. That's because I'm too busy to be interesting. I go to work and baseball games. That's it. Angela Spann in a nutshell.

I used to be interesting. Creative. I lived a charmed life, where I stayed home with my kids, made crafts, did sewing projects, cleaned efficiently, cooked interesting & yummy meals. I made my own baby food, for crying out loud. Not so much, these days.

But the creative, witty and interesting Angela is trying to bust out. I can feel her. She needs to express herself. I just need to make time for her. That means getting up earlier, planning ahead, getting (and staying!) organized. Stressing less about work. My job my be full time on paper, but it only has part-time status on the priority list. Family & home come first. The papers on my desk will get taken care of eventually. I'm pretty dern good at my job, so I need to stop focusing so much on it and rely on my aptitude.

I'm going to organize my pantry, label something, get my sewing machine out and go crazy. Who knows what will happen. Maybe this blog will get interesting!!

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