Friday, April 24, 2009

Ahh... The Weekend

It's another Friday. Yay! We kissed Kelly and sent him away for a weekend series in Beaumont, Texas. I considered packing up the kids and tagging along, but a weekend spent at home with no commitments other than kids' games was just too tempting. Kelly was gone Tues & Wed for games as well, and I'm pretty sure we're looking at 5 games a week from here on out. Things will be wrapping up soon, as the conference tournament is now just a month away. We're definitely attending that one, as it's in Corpus Christi and I've insisted to Kelly that we extend our stay and make a beach vacay out of it. It's Nolan birthday too, and I've convinced him that the beach is THE best place to turn 6!

(insert Spann fam here, just under the palm tree)

Nolan played his first official baseball game on Monday, and the Dragons proved victorious. Nolan played catcher, which meant that he had to have possession of the ball at home plate for the play to end. Now, it's not too serious, but he did a great job. He plays again tonight, preceded by Claire in her opening game of the season.

Other than that, I plan to dust off the sewing machine, pick out some fabrics and teach Claire a thing or two. We'll take in a move, play Wii and eat ice cream. It's been in the 90s the past two days, so ice cream is required. Icees, too. Happy Weekend, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Miss you guys a ton!!! Love the new pics :) Did you move again?