Monday, March 02, 2009


Inhale... exhale. Repeat.

We've been going a ga-jillion miles an hour and will finally slow down a bit this week. It's been all-baseball-all-the-time since last weekend. Since Tuesday the Demons have had 5 home games and we've been at every one. They won 4 of the games and we enjoyed an entire range of weather. Friday night saw tank tops and flip flops, Saturday was freezing with scarves, blankets and hand-warmers.

Kelly & the team head to Tulane on Tuesday and Wednesday. They're home for a day then head south again to McNeese State University until Sunday. While I dread Kelly being gone, I'm looking forward to a slower week.

Basketball season is nearing it's end for Claire & Nolan with just one more game to play. No rest, though, because it's Dixie Youth Baseball time! Nolan being a rookie, had tryouts on Thursday, followed by a draft. Practice will begin soon and games will start in April.

I'm shocked that it's March already and my mind wanders towards thoughts of Spring Break and warm (hot!) weather. This girl has acclimated - I may be wearing linen pants, flats and a scarf, so I shouldn't complain about being cold, but too bad. I'm brrrrrrr!

Life plugs away, as always. Trying to rest in Him. To remain satisfied in Him. To grow in my knowledge of Him. To love Him more. As Kelly says, It's Not About Me... It's About Him!!

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