Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Heart Baseball

While most people know this to be true, it wasn't always so. Sure, I took in a baseball game or two during my youth... my brother's little league games, a high school game (when a cute boy asked me to come), plus a few Dodgers & Giants games. Hey, I even got Will Clark's autograph once. But I wasn't really fan of the game.

Then I met a guy in college who lived and breathed baseball. I didn't totally get it, but I was willing to try. It helped that I really liked him. When we dated we watched a lot of sports in general, which I hadn't really done before. But again, he liked sports and I liked him. I asked a lot of questions, then asked some more. I'd always appreciated athletes, even if I tended to be more of a fan than a participant and I was interested.

So this guy and I ended up getting married. Shortly after, he became a baseball coach. That's when things really started in. I attended games, learned the rules and also began to breathe a bit of the baseball air. I've learned a lot, and am proud of my knowledge of the game. But it would be nothing if not for the passion of a baseball player.

Baseball may be America's Pastime, but there are really just a few who get it. It's what excites them, it's what moves them. It's more than just sunflower seeds and cracker jacks and
'Take Me Out to The Ballgame'. I often comment that you have to be slightly nuts to fully love and appreciate the game of baseball in it's fullest. It's not the most exciting game, nor is it one that generates the money that other sports do. But it does have some of the most passionate (or crazy) athletes and fans.

And when it comes down to it, I love baseball because Kelly loves it (he's the guy I married). It is what brings our family together, and sometimes separates us temporarily. Even now, when Kelly has moved across the country due to his love of baseball, I am excited about what it means for our family. We realize there are bigger things in our life (God, and his son Jesus Christ, for one) but baseball is pretty high up there.

As a matter of fact, I particularly love baseball this weekend for an entirely different reason... A dear friend took Nolan & Claire, plus his 2 children, to a Twins game yesterday. They had a blast while I enjoyed 6 hours of 'me' time. A very, very rare occurrence! (Thank you, Charlie!).

There are many ways to say it, but keeping it simple is best: We Love Baseball!

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