Monday, September 03, 2007

Country Mouse

While the Spanns may not live an exciting life in a big city, we are definitely not accustomed to country living either. We've moved from rural Minnesota, surrounded by farms, visited the occasional petting zoo or apple orchard but really haven't experienced what many Midwesterners know as everyday life on a farm.

Yesterday we caught a glimpse and had a blast. We spent the day with friends in rural Stewartville, just south of Rochester, who are just as 'city' as we are. They rent a beautiful home on 9 acres, neighbored by a farm. It's the neighbors that kept us busy: riding the hay baler, the combine & driving a ranger (a 4-wheeler with a flatbed). We waded in the creek (crik) & got muddy, played football, visited, relaxed and ended the evening with a bonfire and smores. It was a beautiful day and exactly how we wanted to celebrate the end of our summer.

Claire starts school tomorrow, Nolan & I begin Wednesday. Kelly leaves early Saturday morning. Today we are resting, relaxing and just being. No labor for us today. Here's hoping you & yours enjoy a celebration of friends, family and blessing. Happy Labor Day!

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