Monday, September 17, 2007

(More) Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Is it really possible? What else could possibly change in the Spann Fam, that hasn't already? Well, my job for one. When I told my directors & lead teacher that we were moving, they were genuinely happy for us, but no so much for them. School was this close to starting & we had a full year ahead of us. Let's just say the timing wasn't exactly great.

Our church's Children's Pastor approached me and asked if I was interested in transitioning out of the classroom and into the Children's Ministry dept completely. My time in that office was coming to an end, since the woman I was covering for was about to return from maternity leave. That way, my lead teacher would have an assistant she could count on for the entire year, our students would be able to adjust to the change earlier in the year (which is easier on them), the school wouldn't have to scramble to find someone to replace me around the holidays, and I would still have a job for as long as we are in Rochester. So, I said yes, and after a couple of weeks of logistics, I make the change on Wednesday.

I will be developing a Parent Co-Op for our Children's Ministry department. Ours is a church full of young families, our classrooms are bursting at the seams and our volunteer count is low. My job will be to research, develop and implement a system for our staff and parent volunteers to coordinate and work together in serving our children.

I am very excited for this new opportunity! My hours will increase to 30, but will be more flexible. Nolan will remain in his classes at the school and we'll still share lunchtime!

So, in a world of change... here's another!

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