Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mom Stuff

Not feeling so hot today... but not even sickness will keep me from blogging! Actually, I'm fine if I don't move, and typing only requires minimal movement.

This past Wednesday was Claire & Nolan's Awana Awards Ceremony, also the last night of Awana for the year. Claire was in the minority of her club level (K-2nd grade), earning her first book award. In order to reach this goal she memorized, recited & reviewed 33 individual scripture passages, as well as the books of the New Testament. She was also required to perform acts of service and prayer. We are so proud of her & marvel in the fact that she loves to read God's Word. Often times she will wake up early and read her Bible in bed before it's time to get up. I've also accidentally walked in on her private prayer times, and I can tell you that nothing sounds sweeter.

Nolan also participated, singing "My God is So Big" along with several other Cubbies. While his level doesn't require solo memorization, he learned and recited 35 Bible verses this past year. Often he would give the verse a twist... "Love your neighbor by yourself", which provided laughter and smiles for all adults involved. One Cubbie was determined that God created "Adam and Steve".

We've also enjoyed beautiful weather this week, especially with Thursday's high of 86 degrees. We've picnic-ed and played and are so grateful. Shorts and sandals prevail but we don't have the bugs yet. This is a great time of year. Not to mention the garage sales... just yesterday we scored with an enormous
Rescue Heroes Command Center and a brand-new Princess Wedding Playset. Needless to say, Claire & Nolan are very busy this morning.

We'll head out for soccer in a bit, Claire's team is currently 0-2. We're hoping for a big win today, but will have fun nonetheless.

This is all "Mom Stuff" I realize. For all of the moms out there... Happy Mother's Day! Just about every adjective in the human language can be used to describe motherhood, but still there is nothing like it. I hope all moms feel loved & appreciated. Here's to us!

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