Friday, May 18, 2007

Endings... And New Beginnings

Today is the last day of school for Nolan and I. Parties & treats are the theme of the morning. Nolan and I aren't in the same class but often get to enjoy the same things like field trips and recess. The past 2 months have been great for both of us, but since we didn't get to ease in to this new routine, some time off will be nice as our special 'Nolan & Mom' time has been greatly missed.

All the other activities in our lives will also come to an end. Our small group has essentially wrapped, next week is Nolan's big t-ball game to end the season, Bible studies and Awana have also concluded for the year. Claire has just 2 more weeks of school & soccer and tonight we head over for Spring Fling!, her school's annual carnival.

And although I'm looking forward to our new found freedom, I'm also thinking ahead to fall, considering schedules and new job possibilities. There is also VBS, our trip to KC, birthdays to celebrate and many other fun things to squeeze into our summer.

Just 6 days until Kelly heads out to Kansas City! He's actually flying into Chicago where he'll meet up with one of his assistant coaches and drive down to KC. He's definitely focused and ready to go (though he'll undoubtedly miss us dearly).

I realize I'm really just rambling as my mind wanders and I gaze out the window. The sun shines through the gigantic old trees in our backyard, our freshly planted flowers dot the landscape with color and I look forward to these Spring days. So many good things happening in our lives and in the lives of friends & family. We are so thankful, have little to complain about (though we make a point to do it anyway, ugh!). Weddings, births, graduations, adoptions, anniversaries & birthdays... all remind us God's goodness. I will soak up the sun, praise our Lord and enjoy this day!

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