Friday, May 04, 2007

All About the Kids

I realize that much of this blog is devoted to our children. What can I say? It's in the raising of our children where all the action lies! We're in a whole new phase of parenting. We no longer are concerned with getting our children to sleep through the night or making certain they're reaching those all-important milestones. We've grown out of Sesame Street & Blue's Clues, board books and sippy cups. We aren't following our toddlers around the park, shielding them from the big kids. Our children are the 'big kids' now!

Claire has grown up so much, especially in the past year. She is thriving in school, they've recently been studying Mexico and had a fiesta in class just yesterday. When she came home, she shared the wealth of knowledge she had soaked up. After a silence she said, "I just can't stop thinking about Mexico. I love learning about it!". I only pray that her love for learning continues throughout her lifetime. She can read with amazing ability and shows a discernment I hope she clings to well into her teen years!

Nolan is 3 going on 13. A second child does things at a much quicker pace than the first, having someone to show them the ropes. His sense of humor is fantastic, I imagine that Kelly was exactly the same as a child. He is "all boy" (though a friend & I have often talked about how when others make this distinction, it isn't always a compliment!). He also loves school and it's so much fun to see him interact with friends and hear his take on the world around him.

We find that our children are very similar to us, often frighteningly so! Kelly & I share many similar personality traits, so much so that it puts us in a very small category of married couples. You would think that of the 4 of us, someone would emerge as drastically different, but so far that hasn't happened.

Where am I going with all this? All I can say is that when I watch them, talk with them, laugh & cry with them, I can physically feel my heart expand. To say "I love you" doesn't even scratch the surface. But I say it anyway. And when I hear "MOM!" shouted from the other end of the house, followed by "I LOVE YOU!", there's just nothing better.

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