Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ugh Canada!

Well, we're back. I wish we could say that our trips went smoothly, all was uneventful and we've returned home feeling well rested and content. Like I said, I wish. Kelly's venture up to Canada included the following: multiple and extended stops at the border, several hundred dollar fines for "legal fees", a charter bus in a ditch with a broken window, three game losses, one trip to the emergency room for a player and creative financial negotiating throughout on Kelly's part. Add a winter storm and the package is complete.

My trip wasn't quite as eventful, but resulted in an early departure due to the winter storm warnings. Our new van proved trustworthy and faithful, even as we slid across I-35 and landed in the median facing the opposite direction. A 6 1/2 hour trip slowly streched into 8 hours as we slowed to 30 mph for the last leg of the driving. And though we did find ourselves in the beginnings of the storm, I still think we've missed the worst of it (especially as I look out the window and see the frozen rain descending upon 6 inches of new snow.) We did enjoy one beautiful day at the park, however, basking in the afternoon sun and a balmy 55 degrees.

We're now home, trying to recover from colds - you know, the kind that keep you (and everyone else) up all night with a barking cough. And we've officially decided that the farthest we'll venture out is the driveway (with the snow blower, of course). Our plans for today are as follows: relax, nap, drink hot chocolate, light a fire in the fireplace, another nap and if we're feeling up for it, perhaps we'll watch a movie.

Hmm... whoever invented hibernation was really on to something...

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