Saturday, February 17, 2007


February is one of my favorite words. I've always liked words that look different than they sound. Weird, I know. But each time I write it, I sound it out in my mind... Feb-RU-ary... and memories of grade school come flooding back. Like I said, weird.

Although it's a favorite word, it's definitely not a favorite month. It's cold and dirty (as far as the landscape goes), but it does have 2 things going for it... Valentine's Day (which was filled with great surprises, by the way) and the fact that it's a short month. Around here, it's not until March that you can begin to anticipate Spring, which hopefully will come early if Punxsutawney Phil has anything to say about it.

And now that we're parents to children who participate in sports, classes and activities, February has a new aspect to it. It's time to plan our summer. It's taken me a while to accept this fact, but now is the time to sign up for all those fun spring & summer happenings. We've already begun, with T-Ball and Tennis at the top of the list. Not to mention birthdays and anniversaries and all the things that occur in a Spann summer.

So while Feb-RU-ary may be cold and dreary, it does give us hope as we plan for things to come. We anticipate a great summer - new exciting possibilities on the horizon. More to come on that...

If you're feeling low this winter, go outside (it'll kill the germs), breathe the fresh air and know that it doesn't last forever. It'll be Spring before you know it.

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