Saturday, January 27, 2007

"The Club"

Well, we finally did it. We've been parents for over 5 years, but we hadn't joined "the club" until yesterday. That's right... we bought a minivan.

Though our kids have yet to play soccer (and they most likely will, although Kelly isn't the biggest soccer fan in the world - often referring to it as a "communist sport" - but you'll have to ask him about that) driving a minivan instantly brings the title "soccer mom" to mind.

I could tell you that we've held out as long as we could, that we've resisted the minivan movement, wanting to retain our sense of youth and independence... but in all honesty, both Kelly & I have been longing to own one! We sold a car before moving to Rochester, knowing that our next vehicle purchase would be a beloved 7-seater. Love the room, the convenience, all of it. Makes me feel like, well, a mom!

Soccer moms (and dads) UNITE! (You know you love it!)

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