Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thrills, Chills & Spills

Thrills: We are THRILLED to be moving into our new home! Each day we get closer to moving day, my giddiness factor doubles! To say that we've been grateful for our temporary home on campus couldn't begin to describe our thanks to the college, but to be moving off-campus - let's just say it's definitely time. We are all soooo excited!

Chills: It's gonna be cold this weekend. Not that I have the right to complain, as our winter has been pretty mild this year. Only one snowstorm to report, medium (30s) temps and relative low winds have made getting around pretty easy. It's just that we have 3 moving days between today and Monday, and it's forecast is in the teens with snow showers. Brrr.

Spills: In the Spann home, "spill" means two things - actually spilling something, like milk, or, as in this case - throwing up (a term Claire came up with as a sick toddler... "I spilled!"). Well, we were so thrilled about finally selling our house, we treated ourselves to a celebration dinner at Red Lobster last night. At about 10:30 pm, the "spills" showed up. Both Claire and Nolan were sick throughout the night, getting up every 30 minutes or so until 5 this morning. We're not sure if it's a 'bug' or something the kids ate, but either way, no one was happy. After crawling out of bed and into the shower this morning, we left for the cities to pre-sign on our closing at 10am. The spills accompanied Nolan on the car trip. After picking up the moving truck, Kelly and the kids & I parted ways. Kelly went to the house in Mayer to pack the truck, the three of us headed home for some rest.

It's been an exhausting 24 hours, but it's looking like everyone is on the mend.

Now, where did I put those boxes...

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