Monday, January 08, 2007


What a week! We're definitely starting 2007 running... We've found a modest split-level home to rent in Northwest Rochester - and we're moving next weekend! I've yet to pack up our apartment, but a local move isn't quite as daunting as a long-distance one. We'll pre-sign for the closing of our home on Thursday, move our furniture and boxes still in the house on Thursday night, unload them in our new rental on Friday and move the rest of our belongings (as well as ourselves!) in on Monday.

The house is very close to our church - and even better, it's in the same neighborhood as our good friends the Morgans! We're thankful to be so close to them!

Claire will be changing schools as well. We had debated whether or not to make a switch, but have decided that it's in everyone's best interest. Claire said she will miss her class, but when I told her that she wouldn't be able to ride the bus, well, she was up for the change!

Crossroads starts up again this week, with classes beginning tomorrow. Basketball has already begun, with a game on Saturday and two more tonight. A new semester... a few new students, new classes, a new year. A new start of sorts.

Pray for us this week as we finalize the sale on our house, move into a new home, change schools and manage the craziness that is sometimes our life. It's always an adventure...

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