Sunday, November 12, 2006


The snow came on Friday, but friends didn't. After waking up to several inches of the white stuff, it was decided to cancel our "girls weekend". Everyone was disappointed, but sometimes the risk of traveling in bad weather (especially with babies & kids) isn't worth it. (Of course, the sun showed up around 3pm and the roads began to clear... sigh.)

We did get to see the Fantastic Fisk Family Friends, however, much to our delight! A Saturday morning lunch invitation took us to Chevy's near the Mall of America - a quick chance to say hello. That evening we went to the Morgan's where we enjoyed friends once again.

Friday was Crossroads' home basketball opener for both the men's & women's teams. All went smoothly, even if the Knights didn't put up a win. The kids & I didn't get to the game... the sacrifice for having only one car, but Kelly said they had a decent turnout. Kelly is training a new announcer for the games, something I know he'll miss doing. Many people have said he should do it professionally.

That's Kelly: a man of many talents. Really, isn't he awesome? Ask him about basketball officiating. Before we had kids, Kelly attended many camps (yes, they have camps for officials) where he was told he could get to the professional level. It was a huge time commitment, and he decided he had to choose between pursuing a career in athletics & coaching or focus on officiating. He hung 'em up, but still pays just as much attention to the officials as he does the players when watching an NBA game.

I'm not sure why I just went in that direction, but just want to share that my husband is amazing. He's incredibly talented, is really great with people and one of the funniest people I have ever met.

But if you know Kelly, you already knew all that.

Thank goodness I like him so much... we're together all the time. He's my best friend.

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