Monday, November 27, 2006


We made it back in one piece... the car didn't break down (or blow up, as we feared)... we met family members for the first time... we ate... we ate some more... it was Thanksgiving at it's finest.

Claire & Nolan met their great-grandmother, aunt, uncle & cousins (as well as many other relatives) and Kelly & I saw them for the first time in seven years. We also saw my sister, brother-in-in law and their 6-month-old. It was a week stuffed with family and it was great.

Now comes the re-adjustment period. Getting used to real life again. Back to school, work, laundry and housekeeping and working out. We head into the holiday season with Tea Parties, school & church events, traveling, shopping, baking and celebrating the real reason for the season.

Some good news: we had a few showings over the holiday week, including a second showing on our house. No news yet, but there's still hope!

Here's hoping your holiday was fantastic, and that you're making the "adjustment" well! Happy Holiday Season!

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