Friday, June 29, 2012


When we were first married, I was eager to establish new traditions in our house. We lived states away from our families, and occasionally found ourselves alone on holidays. I worked hard to establish traditions that, well, never really stuck. Over the years we had babies, moved again {and again, and again, and again...} so sometimes holidays looked different every year.

Last night, as we were discussing Claire's 11th birthday plans (today!), Claire informed me that we would start the day in the dining room, where it would be decorated. I had every intention of decorating after she went to bed, so she could wake to a bright, birthday celebration, but I asked her why she assumed I would.

"You do it EVERY year, mom!"

That's when it hit me... we do have traditions in our home. Some that have been around for ages, others that are new.

After the kids were sleeping soundly, I reached for my box of streamers, garland & birthday banners and went to work. As I hung (and re-hung) the decor, I thought of the traditions we had established:

*our children wake to a birthday wonderland on the morning of their day. we eat donuts, drink orange juice out of fancy glasses and open presents before we do anything else. just us.

*we give 3 quick kisses in a row, every night before bed 
{I plan to continue this until they are 75 years old!}

*every Christmas Eve, our kids open one gift before bed. new pajamas!

*we listen to 'arise my love' by newsong on Easter morning on full blast - while dancing around the house. repeatedly.

*if it is raining and we have no place to be: one of the star wars movies is on and the curtains are drawn. {and mom falls asleep.}

*we pray out loud every day on the way to school. amazing things have come from this.

*we love and laugh - every day

Most of these traditions came about by accident. And those are the best ones.

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Mariann said...

I love this post! It's so true that every family finds what works for them and makes them happy. And I especially like that you make your faith an important part of your family life. I need to work on that more.