Monday, November 03, 2008


Thanks to the time change, our family was up and at 'em with time to spare this morning. For me to be ready to go by 7am is quite a feat in & of itself, but since I was so chipper, I offered to take the kids to school. (Kelly, being the amazing dad & husband he is, usually takes them).

We drove along, enjoying the sunshine, as I began to pray (with my eyes open, of course!). This is a tradition we began when Claire entered Kindergarten, that our kids would hear us pray out loud for them as they make their way to school. When I finished, Nolan asked if he could pray, to which I said "of course".

His prayer went something like this: "Dear Jesus, Thank you that we believe in you. Thank you for dying for us. Thank you that when we die we can go to heaven and have new bodies. We love you. Amen."

My heart swelled and I thanked him for his prayer. Then I realized just how early it was, too early to go to school. So I suggested that we stop at the gas station for donuts. I ran in, paid the $3.06 and came back to find the kids chatting quietly. Then Claire said, "Mom, Nolan wants to pray that special prayer to have Jesus in his heart forever." I re-parked the car, and we prayed. I cried and the kids knew, "Mom is crying happy tears".

Could I have a better beginning to my day??

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