Sunday, June 03, 2012

charmed life

This morning, in the afterglow of a rousing 9th birthday party, followed by 12 full hours of blissful sleep, while I was lazily drifting in the pool, I was reminded of what a charmed life we lead. Perfect? No. Charmed and lovley? Yes.

I have just 4 more days of work until I am officially on summer vacation, where I will steadfastly remain until August 1st. Just this week Kelly & I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, plan summer vacations, watch movies late at night with the kids and enjoy lazy mornings.

We will grill & consume more hot dogs than is recommended and squeeze every last drop out of our summer vacation. We made a 'summer to do' list, and we plan to check off every single one of the boxes.

Wishing you & yours the bliss of summer!

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