Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feelin It

I can totally feel it. Can you?

It just barely started yesterday. I went outside at 4:59 am (yes, you read that right) to meet my running buddy. I felt something unfamiliar. It was almost like... a chill. In the air. I couldn't believe it. (But so grateful, especially since we were attempting 3.5 miles, including an incline). It was positively pleasant! Until I started sweating and panting, of course.

Then today, as I headed out in my new running-style-cause-i'm-cool-like-that tank top, I shivered as I stepped outside. Shivered! I was almost chilly. For a second!

Can it be? Is fall rolling in? Pleasepleaseplease say yes!

Don't get me wrong, I have had an amazing summer. Even when it was 111 degrees, I was enjoying our Louisiana summer to the fullest. But now we're back in school, back to routine and I'm ready for autumn. The fall decor is calling my name. Jeans, scarves and sweaters can wait til winter (this is the south we're talking about) but still, I'm ready.

leaves in the pool - sure sign of fall!

Oh, and just for funsies - here are a few recent pics...

Old Front Door

New (ok, old with a new paint job) Front Door
... just wait til I get a fall wreath on that baby

Kelly reclining in our new accent chair in the study.
Yes, he's reading the Crown College Bridge.

Beautiful summer blossoms on our trees in the front yard.
Bad thing about fall, the leaves just end up on the lawn.
No pretty color changes for us.

Can YOU Feel It!?

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Mariann said...

yes! our little walk at 8:30 was actually pleasant. We'd have been swuh-etting last week. eeeeeeeee