Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to Life (Back to School)

When I was asked to take the position of secretary at my kids' school, it was October. I had missed the frantic first days of school. Now that I'm all in, I'm beginning to understand what it takes to kick off a new school year. It makes me appreciate Claire & Nolan's teachers even more, knowing the hours they put in during their summer vacation to get their classrooms ready for their students. I have been putting in extra hours too, because stuff needs to get done! Many of those hours have gone into creating our new website (if you're really interested, check it out here.) Our school is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!

A regular routine, lazy Saturdays and the excitement of a new school year I AM ready for. Homework, crazy schedules and hectic evenings... not so much. But we're scaling back, rearranging activities and menu planning (trying anyway), in the effort to make life as easy as possible.

We'll be headed to football games soon, which we can't wait for. Kelly has been at practice every evening for a few weeks now. Claire will be starting to play in fall softball tournaments and Nolan is getting ready to test for his orange belt soon. We will be joining AWANA on Sunday nights, freeing up our Wednesdays. Now only if it wasn't 105 degrees, it might actually feel like fall is upon us!

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