Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Denver to Dallas to New Orleans. By planes, trains and automobiles. Okay, so I didn't ride a train. But I saw a trolley car. Does that count?

After a wonderful visit with my mom, sister and her kids, I flew to Dallas where I met Kelly & the kids. The heat & humidity washed over me as I stepped out into the night air. My hair, which had been cute for 5 whole days went back to being it's old self and I swam to meet my family. We spent a whirlwind day at Hurricane Harbor and saw more belly button rings, bad tattoos and moms in bikinis than I need to see in a lifetime. We had a blast!

That night took us to The Ballpark at Arlington where Kelly watched his favorite players add another mark in the W column. We had great seats and cheered our hearts out for our beloved Texas Rangers. It was more fun than we can handle in one day, I tell ya. So much so, that we hopped in the car and drove home, arriving at 3:15am, so I could hop in another car and join friends in a quick trip to New Orleans.  Another fabulous time. But you know what they say... What happens in NOLA, stays in NOLA!

I think I'm pretty much recuperated, as I'm trying to enjoy my last week of summer vacation. We celebrated Kelly's 36th, bought a new (to us) truck, ordered some new furniture, plan to paint the study, oh, and relax with movies and video games galore. Come on, school starts in 3 weeks!

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