Thursday, July 15, 2010

not your typical florida vacation

As I was telling people that we were headed to Florida  last week, friends wished us an oil-free beach vacation. Little did they know that the Spann Fam travels to another kind of Florida. The kind that is in the piney woods of the panhandle, where life moves a little slower. The Spann Family Reunion beckons each July and we come calling, for 3 years in a row now.

We visited with relatives, swam in the creek with cousins, ate (and ate some more) with family, and had a new experience: life on the farm. We slept in a barn (a renovated one, with air conditioning, a full kitchen & a pool table but felt like we were roughing it none the less!). The kids experienced some farm living, catching our supper and enjoying hearty, homemade southern breakfasts and homemade ice cream. Here are some of the highlights:

hand-cranking strawberry ice cream

enjoying the spoils of (claire's) labor
{and down 2 teeth!}

a little barn decor

sleepy head

livin the barn life

our view every morning (but not quite this close!)

picking potatoes for our homemade chips

claire had the first catch of the day

my mighty fisherman


Okay, so we did make it to our beach one day... I say "our" beach since that is what it was!
Blue Mtn Beach is our little slice of white sand and green-blue ocean. This is what we saw when we got there, though:

But this is what we found:

oil-free & beautiful!

It was a wonderful morning on the sand, but the barn was calling...

I think these city kids have a little country in em after all!

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