Thursday, February 12, 2009

beauty queens & basketball

This weekend was a busy one. Saturday brought us the Miss Northwestern Lady of the Bracelet Pageant - a scholarship program for university students that our department puts on, which is also a preliminary to the Miss Louisiana and Miss America Pageants. Hours and hours of work had gone into the pageant, and this year being the 50th anniversary of the pageant, it was a very big deal. I had the opportunity to serve as a preliminary talent judge, as well as a mock interview judge, designed to help the young ladies "fine tune" their interview skills. Not being a pageant girl myself, I came in pretty clueless. But now that I have 2 under my belt, it's all very interesting, really. Our winner gets over $6000 in prize money & scholarships. Claire came with me to the pageant and had a great time.

Claire & Miss Northwestern Lady of the Bracelet 2009

Saturday evening was also the Demon Baseball Banquet, their big fundraiser of the year. It was the first time this group of coaches hosted a banquet and I'd venture to say they learned a lot. All the wives and girlfriends helped out and by Friday night everyone was spent - and the banquet wasn't even until Saturday! I didn't get to attend, but the event was a hit, I heard the food was great and they made some solid dough.

Saturday morning the kids played basketball - Nolan scored a basket for his team (which is huge, since he hadn't even touched the ball much in his previous games) and Claire was the high scorer on her team with 6 points. It's 7 year olds, people. They both played great and I can picture Claire on the court in five years and beyond. Nolan... well, I don't think basketball is his sport, football is where he wants to be.

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