Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Two nights ago Claire & I were at home. She decided to play "Bad Economy". After enjoying Econ Day at school, her scenario at home went like this: "I borrowed $13 from the bank to buy Daisy three new toys. Now I need to sell my stuff to get money to pay the bank back. If I can't pay them back in time, I will owe them $15!!". I listened to her play, saying things like "Oh, I think I will go to the riverfront to sell my things. Hello? Toys for sale! Does anyone want to buy my toys? Oh, dear..."


During the Inaurgation of our new President, the kids were often found playing "Governor" and "Inaugaration". ("I was Barak Obama", said Nolan). But but when he saw a picture of the White House on television, he got excited and said, "That's where the bat cave is! Under that building!!".

Seriously, are these my children? Pretty sure I wasn't that creative (or updated on current events!) as a child!

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Struck Family said...

I love "listening" to this really is like a running commentary of your family's life. When did we get old enough to have kids and drive mini-vans?