Monday, January 05, 2009

Back in the Swing

Well, it's January 5th and back to life... Back to school, work and daily routines. The last week has been great. We slept in. Stayed in our jams. Played the Wii. Baked. Took naps. Mastered several levels of Lego Star Wars and Petz Dogz. Ate. Relaxed... Our time in Colorado was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with family and doing, well, much of the above mentioned activities. We finally made it home after driving straight home, about 16 hours. I drove 6 of those hours, of which I'm quite proud. That is a long time for me to drive, and a long time for Kelly to sit. We picked up Daisy and settled into a great week.

This week brings early mornings, homework, baseball camp, dentist appointments, basketball practice and routine. I'm back at my desk, however students don't return until next Monday, which is why I have time to blog! Claire & Nolan's teachers are struggling to get through the day with tired students, I'm certain, and Kelly is gearing up for the season as winter camp begins tonight and team meeting is next weekend.

I'm headed to get a second cup of coffee in order to make it through the day... Here's wishing you & yours a Happy New Year!! Whoo Hoo 2009!

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