Thursday, October 02, 2008


I'm not sure if it was the lack of fall weather or just the daily grind, but I'd been in a bit of a funk for, oh, the last 2 months or so. I was working on weekends, staying far too late, searching for an after-school babysitter and feeling the pain of it all. Last weekend I finally decided that enough was enough and I couldn't do it anymore. I decided to buck up and be happy. God is in control, even when I can't feel it, even when I can't see it. He is constant. He sees beyond what I can see. I've already learned to trust Him, I just needed to be reminded of his capabilities.

Life chuggs along at full speed, meanwhile. Claire & Nolan have a new babysitter who picks them up from school and brings them home. She hangs out with them until I get home at 4:30. She adorable and sweet and we're so glad to have found her. Kelly is in the midst of fall full-team baseball practice. They will continue team practices for another month or so, when they go back to 4-on-1 practices. My office is hiring an Admin Asst who will help me and take many duties which I have been performing since May. She will start Monday and I will take a HUGH sigh of relief.

It finally feels a little like fall, with temps at 55 degrees this morning. Chilly for us. Funny, huh? I realized this morning that I never wear socks. Except when I'm wearing running shoes. Small details, but say a lot (to me, anyway!!).

So with this I say goodbye to my funky mood and welcome autumn with open arms...

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