Monday, September 08, 2008

A Conversation

Disclaimer: This blog is not only for reader enjoyment, but also for the Spann Family to preserve cherished memories. Not all of these memories are sweet, though they may be funny. That said, read at your own risk...

Angela: Hey Bud, what's up?
Nolan: I have to tell you something, but I'm afraid I'm going to get in trouble.
Angela: Nolan. Tell me.
Nolan: But I'm afraid. I can't.
Angela: I can't promise you won't get into trouble, but you can still tell me. What is it?
Nolan: Will I get a spanking?
Angela: I don't know until you tell me. But I promise that if you tell the truth now, you'll be in less trouble than if you don't.
Nolan: Okay....
Nolan: I pooped outside. And Daisy ate it.
Angela: (suppressing laughter but not shock) You did what? Are you serious?
Nolan: Yeah. Am I in trouble? It was only one...
Angela: (now laughing outloud) Only one? Where?
Nolan: In the bushes. Will I get a spanking?
Angela: No you're not in trouble, but please don't do that again!
Nolan: Okay.
Angela: But now you have to tell your dad. (Still laughing but trying not to).
Nolan: Will he give me a spanking?
Angela: No, but you have to tell him.
Nolan: Okay...

Boy - through and through, what can I say??


Ebby Ray said...

That is one of those stories that you will tell at his graduation, wedding, every Christmas and birthday. Don't forget a single word of it!!

Anonymous said...

would you believe this is all the rave in natchitoches? noah wright did the same thing....

love, michelle

Lydia said...

No joke, out loud laughing pretty hard!!! So something I may get to look forward to with Adrien...????