Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Quick Update...

We survived Gustav, as did most southerners. We were without power from Monday until this morning. We have many branches down on our property, as it's populated by some very old trees. No damage to our home, from debris or water. Plenty to clean up, but I can handle that!

We've been so blessed to stay with friends, then parents of friends. We've joked that we're on vacay - and it's pretty close to the truth. Aside from a little darkness, we've been very comfortable. Rousing games of Boggle & dominoes, movies for the kids, good food all the time. No school or work...

The kids return to school tomorrow, Kelly and I will return to work as well. Classes are set to resume, as long as we don't get any damaging storms this evening. There are some pretty major weather warnings - rains & tornadoes - just east of us, we're praying that they pass us by, but thunderstorms are predicted for later today.

My workload when I return, will likely be in the form of cleaning up and salvaging damaged items in some of our (very) old buildings on campus. Evacuees are still on campus as well, and I'm certain that they'll need help in assisting them as they prepare to return.

Over 1 million residents are without electricity and it's been projected that as many as half will have power restored in the next 10 days. The remaining half, however, may take up to 6 weeks! Again, so thankful for our safety and minor inconvenience.

Two more storms are in the Gulf... we may be in for a long hurricane season. We'll keep you updated, but in the meantime, I'll remain amazed at the weather and the power it holds. Not to mention the God who holds the power to control it.

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