Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Nearly every day something happens in the Spann Fam and I think to myself "Oh! I have to blog about this..." But then I sit at the 'puter and log into Blogger and totally forget what I was going to say, leaving me with nothing.

So it may not be witty or insightful, but here goes:

Claire made the first basket of the game this past Saturday. How lame is it that tears came to my eyes? She really is a good player. She actually passes the ball, which is more than I can say for the boys on her team. Her favorite part is that they enter the gym through an inflatable tunnel, music plays and an announcer says "Claire-THE-BEAR-Spann!". If only I could control my emotions. Nope, not gonna happen.

We signed up for Dixie Youth Baseball and will start sometime in March. Nolan is excited that he's finally able to play on a team like he's watched his sister do. I'm not exactly how it's going to work, since Claire & Nolan will be on different teams, both playing on Saturday mornings and I'll be a lone parent, being baseball season and all. This is just the beginning of many more spring seasons to come, I have a feeling.

I'm still in awe of the fact that Season Opener is in 10 days! It's even harder to believe when I check the weather forecast for Minnesota! (We did have a glorious weekend of weather. We wore shorts & t-shirts in 78 degrees on Saturday. We enjoyed it, but did think "If it's this warm in February, what is July gonna be like? Ugh.)

Looks like things are going to be a bit crazy this spring. Just the month of March sees 21 game days, not including travel days, which are often the day before. Spring Break will be tough as I'm working full-time, too. We'll work it out, just not sure how quite yet. We're having a hard time just scheduling a family photo for the media guide (which I think is pretty cool, anyhow!).

Friday night I attended a beauty pageant. Technically, it's called a scholarship program, but let's face it, if girls wear bathing suits, evening gowns and perform a talent, it's a beauty pageant. NSU holds the Miss Northwestern Lady of the Bracelet Pageant every year and I was (very) minorly involved this year. I helped out here and there in preparation for the event, as the Student Activities Board is the sponsor of the pageant and I work in Student Activities (are you seeing the connection?). Miss Louisana was there - she even said my name during the pageant. In the "Thanks, we couldn't have done it without you" part. My name was in the program, too. It's the little things, you know.

So, like I said, nothing witty or insightful, or even exciting. But next time something truly blogworthy happens, I'll post it right away. Hopefully you'll find it as interesting (or funny, most likely) as I do!

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