Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Southern Christmas

Can it really be December?

The year has flown by... again. Not to mention that it was 75 degrees on Saturday as we took in a parade and enjoyed the annual Natchitoches Christmas Festival. We spent the day with new friends, watched the (2 hour!) parade where the kids caught beads & candy and we enjoyed a true southern meal, including gumbo and brisket. The evening brought a spectacular fireworks display. It was a great time!

So we get ready for Christmas with parties and presents and baking. But we get to ride bikes outside and enjoy the sunshine. I needed a Southern Christmas, I just didn't realize it!

Claire & Nolan are loving their new school and had a great first week. It's much different than what they're used to, but they are both so adaptable that they're doing great. Kelly has finals this week, (watch out tennis class, Prof. Spann is tough!) and I'm still looking for a job. A couple of positions have opened up at the University, but it will be a few weeks yet until I hear anything.

We're as settled as we're going to be, the kids are enjoying sharing a room (bunkbeds are really exciting for some reason - but if anyone has any hints on how to make changing the sheets any easier, I'm open to suggestions!) and our little 3-foot tree is in a corner of the living room.

We look forward to this holiday season and would love to hear from you! Happy December and all that it brings! (Don't stress too much!!)

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