Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Proud Momma

Okay, you're in for some serious bragging here... Ready?

For some reason (I believe it's because they're so darn cute) our kids are often featured on brochures & flyers.

When Claire was in preschool, her school did a large marketing campaign. Claire was featured on the many posters, flyers and postcards around town. We would walk into the bank or the Chinese restaurant, and there she was. She was quite proud of this (and sad when they came down several months later).

Nolan & Kelly were pictured in the local paper around the same time, when they went to a Communiny Ed play day.

Nolan was on the news last year in Rochester when he visited Santa at the mall.

This year, both Claire & Nolan are featured on the Rochester Family Y Winter Brochure. Claire is on the cover and Nolan is on page 4. (Click HERE if you really want to see it).

We just received a release form from our church in Rochester, because Claire is going to be on a brochure for the Children's Ministry in their new marketing materials.

What can I say? Cute goes a long way, baby.

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lyd said...

You don't have any pics of your beautiful sister! I mean, I am the most important part of your life...I do have to say that picture of Adrien is super cute, though. He's such a chunk in the pic!