Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Boring Update

I am here to update you with all the latest and greatest in the life of the Spanns! ...okay there's really not much to say.

Life is moving along, as always. It's December, but the weather feels more like September. We've hit 75-80 degrees this week with more than enough humidity. It's crazy as we listen to reports of ice & storms across the Midwest. We might as well be on another planet! The kids go to school in short sleeves, no need for even a sweatshirt! The A/C runs night & day... crazy, I tell you!!

I've taken a seasonal position at a local upscale department store. I started yesterday and plan to be there for the rest of this month. In Claire-ese, I'm a "pay-for-it-girl" (her term for sales clerk). I had forgotten how tiring retail sales was! My amazing husband had dinner and a foot massage waiting for me when I got home. I'm hoping to hit the post-holiday sales with my discount.
Still waiting to hear about other employment opportunities....

As I said, not much else. Claire & Nolan will be out of school next Thursday. We'll definitely have to get creative with our time! At least we'll be outside (sans snow!). I don't miss it this year, but ask me next Christmas and I'm certain my response will be different.

So yeah, pretty boring. Work, school, the usual - you know.
Until I have something exciting to blog about...

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