Monday, December 18, 2006

Engines & Birthdays & Cookies, Oh My!

A breakdown of our life this week:

1) Engines: I've posted previously that our Blazer has given us some trouble. Well lately, she's up to no good. We replaced the starter after we moved to Rochester. Last week we did an overhaul of several various parts... which ones, I'm not exactly sure - you'll have to ask Kelly about that, but it was quite a bit. And after having her back for 24 hours, and a new sound like a motor boat (as Claire observed), she was back at the garage. After much work to figure out what what wrong... the Blazer is getting a Christmas present: a new(er) engine! We're passing this vehicle down to our kids, that's all I can say.

2) Birthday: We had the pleasure of spending an evening with the Fisks and various other long-time friends to celebrate Mitch's birthday. The babysitter managed to put all 5 kids (Spanns & Fisks) to bed by 10:30 pm, so all in all, it was a success! And a great time...

3) Cookies: I invaded upon the Morgan's kitchen yesterday and baked, baked, baked. Baking in our oven is nearly impossible, and if you want to bake cookies to give as gifts, it's not a good idea (unless, half-baked, half-burned cookies are someone's idea of a perfect present). Ang and I both created many Christmas goodies to share. We head back on Wednesday to finish the project. Thank you Ang! (And Happy Birthday!!)

Is it true, less than a week until Christmas? Perhaps it's the lack of Christmas decor, absence of snow or just our new circumstance, but Christmas has a different feel this year. Saturday we head to Kansas City to visit family, we're looking forward to it. Our trip to Texas has been cancelled as Kelly's mom is unable to travel at this time. We're enjoying receiving Christmas cards and letters... the photos and cards remind us of the people we love and miss during this holiday season.

We're praying that our family stays healthy, as Christmases past have been greeted by flu and other illness. And we pray that you & yours are able to celebrate the season with your loved ones, to reflect on the real reason for the season, to thank God for the ultimate gift: His Son.

Many blessings! Merry Christmas!

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