Friday, December 29, 2006

2007... Bring it On!!

Whew! Is Christmas over already?! Wasn't I just contemplating the fact that Christmas was closing upon us? We had a fantastic holiday, spent with family in the Kansas City area. Grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, food, presents, movies, hours playing Nintendo Wii, shopping, laughing and truly enjoying the season is how we spent the past week.

Claire and Nolan even participated in a children's pageant at my sister's church on Christmas Eve. Our kids definitely have a flair for the dramatic... I have no idea where they get that from...

Next week is back to school for Claire, Kelly has one more week. And it's time to pack. We have several large furniture items in our house in Mayer as well as many items to pack such as glassware and china, not to mention the garage. We close on the 12th, but would like to be all packed up before then. Then comes the packing of our apartment, we're looking at rental homes for the time being. Have I mentioned how much I love moving?!

We are so grateful that our house has sold, and the process has been smooth. The inspection went well and we finalized all the paperwork while we were on vacation. I do a "thank you Jesus" dance everyday when I realize that we are remembered, taken care of and loved like no other.

We are soaking up our last couple of days off this weekend, with a low-key New Year's Eve (I'm sure it'll involve movies, popcorn and an early bedtime). Dinner with friends tonight, and bit of shopping (returns, exchanges, sales... you know).

We head into 2007 with excitement for our future. We eagerly anticipate an amazing year - can't wait to see what's in store! Happy New Year!

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