Sunday, December 03, 2006

Back Again

Another fast weekend to Mayer & back again. We left Friday around noon, met with our new realtor, decided to lower the price of our home (again) and do a bit of painting and cleaning to spruce up the place. Then we headed to New Germany where we spent an evening with the Purcell and Moorhead families. After a great evening of food & friends we headed to the Fisk home where we spent the night, visited and ate some more. Saturday morning found us back in Mayer, cleaning and painting, while the kids were with friends. That afternoon we went to the Hazelbaker home where we were treated to a late lunch and more visiting which stretched in to the evening.

It was a whirlwind of friends, work and activity... And it makes us realize just how fortunate we are. We have people in our lives who take us in, watch our children, feed us, love us. We are so thankful. And sad that these people aren't in our daily lives as we now live 100 miles away, but we'll take 'em any way we can.

We're happy about our decision to change realtors, and when she prayed over the sale of our home, we knew we'd made a good choice. We don't know why or how this all fits into God's plan, all we can do is take the comfort that comes with knowing that it just does.

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