Sunday, February 26, 2012


It's the 26th of February.

I have sat down at ol' flatscreen more than once during the last 2 months, intending to share a marvelously witty post. I became distracted from the task at hand each and every time. So much has happened as the weeks whizzed by, and along with a user-induced (oops) computer crash, I haven't spend too much time on the world wide web.

Winter is practically over here in Louisiana (it was 85 degrees on Thursday. EIGHTY FIVE!), as March is upon us. In the world the sports, baseball season has started for Kelly, Claire is practicing with her new travel softball team and Nolan just had tryouts for our local baseball league. I have started back running in the mornings (5am is something I used to rarely see!) and am training for a 5K in March.

Kelly has lost 20 pounds {total hottie} and I am waaay behind him, but let's just say that I am not as much woman as I was a month ago.

Claire is once again on her school's Quiz Bowl team (for a boring-for-you-but-thrilling-for-us account of last year's tourney, you won't want to miss THIS). Nolan begins a week-long theatre (leave me alone, spellcheck, I like spelling it that way) program on Monday that will culminate with  performances next weekend.

I took a not-so-insignificant trip to California last weekend, where I enjoyed a vacation at it's finest. I visited family, old and new, and spend many hours in blissful solitude. I am a much better mom after doing so!

Life has been so busy, I've got my pruning shears out and am ready to go to town. No, I'm not talking about the overgrown bushes and hedges in our yard - it is pretty scary, I really need to tackle the jungle out there - but the hyper-busy, over-scheduling I've done to myself. Everything I have been doing is good and worthwhile, but I cannot do it all. I will finish out my responsibilities, but I will say no to next year. And it will feel good.

 As for today, I will rest, enjoy my broccoli-cheese soup and San Francisco Sourdough bread and lazily watch the Oscars while I critique everyone from the comfort of my couch. Tomorrow is Monday, after all.

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