Sunday, January 08, 2012

a new year!

It really has been the perfect Christmas Break for the Spann Fam. It was a tad bit longer than usual, which was just enough. Long enough that we're all ready to get back into the swing of things, and we're rested and relaxed.

We didn't travel this year, which I didn't miss, but I am a bit sad, because we didn't have any family visitors either. We love and miss them and wish everyone well.

Kelly finished the gate near the new fence (yay!) and has lost 9 pounds in his quest to begin the new year healthfully. We've watched a different movie each night as a family, thanks to a generous family member. Claire and Nolan have jumped on the trampoline for HOURS each day, thanks to the unseasonably warm weather. They've danced their booties off to Just Dance 3, read, rode bikes and Nolan shot a bird with his bb gun (it flew away, but he claims he hit it!). I baked and cooked and put on 9 pounds from all the holiday eating. (Not really, but it feels like it!)

Claire hosted a New Years Eve party, complete with a dance playlist, Twister, bonfire and fireworks. It was a great way to ring in 2012! And now we've had a full week to recover. It's been wonderful!

Personally, I have been on a couple of simultaneous, but separate emotional journeys which have spilled over into 2012. One filled with love, wonder and joy. The other with heartache, stress and turmoil. Family has it's way of making us feel both. I know it's quite cryptic, but that's all I need to say for now. I do know that life comes us at us, sometimes whether we're ready or not. I am ready. I am blessed.

Cheers to you & yours in 2012!

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