Wednesday, June 22, 2011

party all the time!

Last Saturday was my 34th birthday. 34... it's really nothing special. Not a milestone or anything, just an even number. I'm feeling great as a 30-something, but I had a special reason to smile this past June 18th. On Friday morning I make the quick trip to the Alexandria airport to fetch my mom, sister, niece and nephew! We have made our home in Louisiana for nearly 4 years (in November - is that crazy or what?!) and this was their first visit to our humble abode.

I was spoiled! ...treated to a champagne breakfast, pedicures, shopping, presents, swimming and steak fajitas!

It was a quick visit, they made their way back to Colorado on Monday morning. We had lots of fun relaxing and enjoying our time together. Come back soon, family!! We love & miss you!

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Mariann said...

yay for family and birthday fun! :)