Monday, June 27, 2011


Remember these guys?

I'm pretty sure Richard Scarry's books were a staple in most church nurseries and preschools! I can't help but remember Inchworm (was that his name?) in the little apple car...

While we may not be cartoon drawings of talking animals, we have been busy! After my family's quick visit to the {other} LA, we went PandaMania at Vacation Bible School where I spent the first 4 hours of my mornings with some very busy, but oh-so adorable 3 & 4 year olds. (Then I proceed to take a nap every afternoon).

Nolan was selected to play in the All-Star Baseball tournament, and after weeks days of practice, they made their debut as a team on Friday night. They played four games during the weekend, winning 3 (and surprising everyone!). We head back to Alexandria tonight for the cchampionship bracket. 2 more games this evening with a possibility of more games tomorrow.

Kelly also had a tourney this weekend, thankfully in the same city where Nolan played. That rarely happens, so I was relieved and excited! While the boys enjoyed non-stop baseball on Saturday, Claire and I headed an hour and a half north to attend a Girl Scout Tip-A-Canoe (say it fast and it sounds like an Indian name... I think that may be the point.) She learned about life jacket and water safety, how to canoe, and how to right yourself or save a friend should you, you know... tip-a-canoe!

We capped off the weekend with our VBS Commencement, where the kids danced and sang, and of course, I cried during 'How Great Thou Art'. Some things never change...

And today feel like my first real day of summer vacation due to the mere fact that I got to sleep in! We do have places to go (baseball & softball practice - Claire's All-Star tourney is this weekend!) and people to see (need to go to school to take care of a few things) but those extra minutes hours of sleep is what makes vacay VACAY!!!

Back to Busytown...

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