Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Colorado Christmas

We made it, there and back again! We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with my family this year. We drove to Amarillo on Wednesday and stayed overnight before making our way to Colorado. A rare occasion in Colorado - no snow! Not only was there no snow for Christmas, but it was warmer in Denver than it was at home in Louisiana.

After a fantastic time with the family, we headed back on Monday evening, driving straight through. I drove the first hour, and Kelly... well, he drove the next 15. It was tough, but I made it!! I must admit, my husband is some sort of driving superhero! 

Christmas Eve

Opening their new jammies before bed - a Christmas Eve tradition!

Cousins! (minus Samantha, she was already in bed!)

Lydia & Samantha on Christmas Morning

No snow = family walks to the park!

Gramma, Claire & Nolan at Noodles and Co.

Now that we're home, I'm in the midst of the annual post-Christmas purge. Cleaning out, organizing, scrubbing down and rearranging is in order! After several years of excitement, change and moving, we are looking forward to settling in, making our home, well, ours, and just... breathing. Happy New Year!

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