Sunday, November 28, 2010

lucky gal

We hosted family for Thanksgiving this year, as we've happily done for three years running. Kelly's Aunt Pam, Uncle Roy and Nana were with us through the weekend. We ate, visited, took the kids to a movie, ate some more, enjoyed the fireworks, climbed trees, climbed on the roof (!), relaxed and had a great time all around. Uncle Roy, being the handy guy that he is, gave us the early Christmas present of free labor! Thanks to Roy, Daisy now has a doggie door, we have gutters on the back of the house and a pull out kitchen garbage drawer (you know, the awesome kind that looks like the rest of the cabinets?!). I am a very lucky gal!
Uncle Roy!

 Sky high!

'Boy in Tree'

Last weekend we caved and bought a... fake faux Christmas tree. We've always always had a real tree, until we moved to Louisiana, that is. Since we've been here we haven't had the room or desire to put up a full-sized tree. After a trip (or two) to Home Depot, we came home with a beaut. She's up and dressed!

 I made book-page garland. Through The Looking Glass and Swiss Family Robinson.

The tree may not be real, but I added some greenery from the backyard. Texture, dimension, blah, blah, blah.

We head back to school tomorrow for a short week (yay!) and look forward to the Christmas Festival next weekend (watch Steel Magnolias if you're not familiar). It's party/cookie/baking/shopping/wrapping/travel season - and I couldn't be more thrilled! Happy Holidays, people!

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