Monday, November 22, 2010

adventures in fall

Last weekend, Claire and I headed to Shreveport for her last softball tournament of the year. I knew it was going to be chilly, but had no idea that it would be downright freezing! It was a long day, as the girls played 6 (count 'em - SIX!) games! It was too cold to come out from under the blanket to shoot too many pictures, but I did manage to capture this moment...

This pretty much sums it all up, I think. I was proud of the girls, who hung in there, even when our last game started at 9:15 pm.

On Friday, our Running Club took seventy 2nd - 5th graders across campus to the Middle Lab School to run in a 1 Mile & 5K race. Nolan and I ran the 1 mile, (which ended up being closer to 2 miles due to a slight error in the route markings - argh! kill me now!) and Claire ran in the 5K. She took 2nd place in her age division! It was another cold, cold morning, and another reason to be proud!

Our adventures over the past few days have also taken us to Alexandria, Chuck E Cheese, Shreveport, Olive Garden, and Christmas Tree shopping! The kids are at a 2-day basketball camp while Kelly & I clean, paint, volunteer, cook, shop and relax! It's going to be a great week!

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