Sunday, October 17, 2010

a quick trip to the big o

About a month ago, one of my roommates from college called to say that she was engaged, and that she was getting married. In 4 weeks!

We hadn't spoken for quite a while, but there are 5 of us who used to get together a couple of times of year - with & without kids and husbands. All with the exception of Michele. She was the only single gal in the group. I started the trend 13 (!) years ago and my fellow friends followed suit along the years. We all had babies (some more than others), again with the exception of Michele.

I knew her prince would come along one day, we just weren't quite sure when. Well, he showed up and I knew that I couldn't miss the big day. Especially since all 5 of us would be there! I made a call, got an inexpensive, stand-by {but first class!} flight and make a quick, wonderful trip to Omaha, Nebraska!

It was so fantastic to see the girls again, it had been way too long. That's what happens when your family defects from the midwest to the south, I guess... which is what made this trip really special. Hmm... now if I can talk my family into a trip to Nebraska. We'll see about that one.

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Mariann said...

how fun! love the pictures!