Saturday, October 02, 2010

just thought i'd share

I'm sitting outside, feet up, comfortable in jeans and bare feet. Music is playing in the background, I watch the occasional leaf fall in the pool and listed to the tap tap tap of the laptop keyboard under my finger tips.

Claire is out front, riding her new bike, wind in her hair, trying to figure out the gears on the mountain bike. While she may not be riding up mountains, our street is a bit rocky, so it was a smart purchase, or so she informed me this morning.

Kelly is using his handy-man card, replacing the screens in our windows so we can enjoy the autumn breezes without the bugs and Nolan is lounging on the couch, tasting candy corn & reading (or playing nintendo, but reading sounds better).

Daisy is making her rounds, checking in on each of us as we relax on this lovely Saturday evening.

Good times.

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