Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vacay Wrap Up

You'll have to forgive me. I was so wiped out after our trip to Florida, I just couldn't put words to the photos. Now that we've been back for... ahem, awhile now... I think I can jump back in.

We really had a great vacay. It was a long drive, followed by a long week, followed by another long drive home. It rained. We chilled. We watched movies and played games. But it was oh so relaxing. We finally made it to the beach (see photo gallery!) and got enough sun to last awhile! We also had the chance to visit with friends we hadn't seen in 9 years. Nine years! We laughed and talked like it had only been 9 days. The kids played and laughed until midnight when we finally pulled ourselves away. We enjoyed the annual Spann Family reunion on our last 2 days in Florida where we caught up with aunts & uncles, swam with cousins and ate our weight in homemade ice cream and good southern food in general.

We finally made it home (5 pounds heavier) and settled back into reality. I went back to work, where things have been blissfully quiet and slow. We're talking internet window shopping-blog hopping-game playing slow. (But I don't feel bad for one second - cause come Aug 23, I won't have a free minute!).

And though it's an entire month away, we're in the back-to-school mode now. I'm happy to report I have 95% of our school shopping done. School uniforms make it pretty easy, but still, I'm no shopping slouch.

Claire had a nice break from softball tourneys & practice, but they've started practicing again for an August 8th tournament. Claire is practicing at first base as we're losing our staring first baseman (basegirl?). Nolan is... enjoying his time playing Lego & Wii (big shocker there!).

We're finally enjoying the lazy days of summer. Reading, naps, leisurely afternoons doing nothing. It's what I've been waiting for. Ahhhhhhh. And in the midst of it all, big things are brewing in the Spann household. I don't want to be a tease, but you'll have to wait.

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